Pay Back to Society, Now Our Turn!

There are hundreds of donors so it is not possible to list them all on web site. There are numbers of students and teachers who put their personal efforts to make things running. we are very much thankful to all of them on be half of Our Alumni Association.

How to send contribution to "THE PROPRIETARY HIGH SCHOOL TRUST"

  1. Write down Check/DD/Bankers Check in favor of "THE PROPRIETARY HIGH SCHOOL TRUST" (you can write check with any international currency accept by Reserve Bank of India)
  2. On back side of Check Please write down following details.
    Account no. 196000210058453,
    Branch: Vanijya Bhavan, Ahmedabad, INDIA
    IFSC Code: PUNB0196000
    (Demand Draft or Bankers Check are preferable. Please add Bank Charges Rs.100 on Out station Check. Please add $10 on any transaction from out side the India)
  3. Send Check/DD/Bankers Check to Following Address:
    Diwan-Ballubhai School,
    Diwan-Ballubhai Alumni Association,
    Kankaria, Ahmedabad-380022. India.
*avail Income-tax benefit under 80(G). for an assesses in India
* FCRA Reg.No: 041910370 for Donors from Foreign Countries (as per Government of India, Reserve Bank of India Guide lines and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act-1976)
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