DIWAN BALLUBHAI SCHOOL, Kankaria, Ahmedabad, India.

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6Jan 2008



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Every effort has been made to avoid error or omissions in Web site, Information. In spite of this, errors may creep in. Any mistake, error or discrepancy noted may be brought to our notice which shall be taken care of in the next update. It is notified that neither Diwan Ballubhai Alumni Association nor volunteers (who manage/maintain this site) will be responsible for any damage or loss of action to any one, of any kind, in any manner there from. 


We are not claiming  any accuracy for content, information and data publish on this web site.


We have no intention to use/distribute personal information of any one.   We are not liable for any privacy break or personal information leaks. We have all right reserved to publish information given with registration and/or collect from School.


Diwan Ballubhai Alumni Association is non commercial organization and Our aim to launch this website is to provide contact details of Ex-Students, Ex-Teachers, current students, current teachers. also to provide current events, activities and happening at School/Vali Mandal/Alumni association.


We are not liable for any hyper link provided on website/webpage. We are not liable for Content of linked sites. We are not liable for any Ad ware,Banner or third party content shown on this web site which is not directly or indirectly in control of us.


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